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WordPress Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the WordPress Introduction or simply put The Introduction to WordPress. The design of websites have changed from time immemorial because of Content Management Systems and Drag and Drop website builders. Content Management Systems (CMS) are online and offline softwares that allow for the design of websites without coding. They also allow for quick update of the sites without having to alter the back-end codes.

WordPress is also a Content Management system that was written in the PHP programming language and includes CSS, HTML, JavaScript or jQuery.

Most Important Lessons to Learn in WordPress Introduction

This course doesn’t teach you how to write codes for creating WordPress themes, plugins, or rewriting the codes. It obviously teaches you how to design websites with WordPress, about themes, plugins, offline and online installations, some basic principles and tricks.

It’s my hope that, after going through this course, you are able to set up and install WordPress on your PC; both offline and online, select good themes and install them, choose quality plugins for specific functions on your website, customize your theme or site and understand certain fundamental terms and principles, including tricks that some people may not know.

Course Requirements

The most important requirements you need for this course are
1. A PC
2. XAMPP / WAMP software for Windows / Mac respectively download link and use will be specified in the next lesson.

This brings us to the end of the lesson WordPress Introduction. You will learn more about WordPress in the next lesson.

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