Starting Clean on The WordPress Dashboard

From the previous lesson, we installed WordPress Offline. In this lesson, it is assumed that your website is up and running. We are going to study the WordPress dashboard to see what it contains and what it can do. The next thing we are going to do is to clean some default contents on our website. Before then, you can visit your website (the localhost one you created) at http://localhost/a and see the default theme and contents.

The WordPress Administrator Dashboard

I made mentioned from the previous lesson that to get to the WordPress dashboard you add /wp-admin/ to your site’s URL. Therefore we head over to http://localhost/a/wp-admin/ to manage our website contents.

Cleaning the WordPress Dashboard

The first thing to do on our dashboard is to go to the Screen Options Menu in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. Uncheck everything so that your dashboard can be clean and fresh for a new work.

Deleting Demo Posts and Pages

WordPress automatically adds a Hello World post, a Sample page, and comment to your website after a fresh installation. We don’t need them, so we go to the left panel of the dashboard, click on posts and delete the Hello World! post. Next is to click on Pages on the same left panel on the dashboard to delete the sample page. Lastly, go to Comments, also on the left panel to delete the demo comment.

The WordPress dashboard is very user friendly when you become used to working with it. It has all you need to make your site look awesome. You can do almost everything you need on it, including editing your site’s code.

Our next lesson is going to be on changing the default WordPress settings. This will be done to change the settings to one which best suits your website needs.

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  1. learnt a lot, gotten to the last stage of deleting demo posts next lesson is changing wordpress settings but theres no next lesson, what do I do now

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