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WordPress Basics

Welcome to the second unit of the WordPress course series titled WordPress Basics. In this lesson, we are going to talk briefly about WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins.
WordPress among other Content Management Systems is one of the best and most widely used. It uses themes and plugins to make a website complete.

WordPress Themes

Themes give the framework and appearance / look of the WordPress website. There are thousands of WordPress themes around that you get. Most of them are for free, like the ones that are found on the WordPress Themes Repository. Some themes are also for sale. Premium themes can be found on a number of theme sites. Among these sites are Themeforest and Elegant Themes.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins on the other hand add functionality to WordPress websites. WordPress Plugins can be downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugin Repository. There are premium plugins too. Some of which can be downloaded from CodeCanyon WordPress Plugins or WPMUDEV Premium Plugins.

Installing WordPress

WordPress can be installed both offline and online. To use WordPress offline, you’ll need a software called XAMPP for Windows, or MAMPP for Mac. These softwares are bundled with Apache, PHP, and Pearl. This software after installation turns your PC into a local server (localhost). This allows you to run WordPress and other Content Management Systems on your PC without using an internet connection but will not be accessible to online users or by different PCs. This installation is mostly used for practical learning, and testing purposes.

WordPress Basics: Installing Offline

When WordPress  is installed online, anyone who has the web address of the website can access it. The opposite is an offline installation.

This brings us  to the end of this lesson; WordPress Basics. In our next lesson, we will install XAMPP to turn our PC into a server. See you there.

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