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Local Server Installation for WordPress

In this unit of our WordPress course, we are going to install our server to enable WordPress to run on our PC locally. Local Server Installation for WordPress helps you to host your WordPress website locally on your computer without having internet connection.

Steps to Installing WordPress Locally

  1. Download XAMPP / MAMP from OR respectively and let’s get started. The above links depend on the Operating System you are using. If you are using Windows, you’ll need to download XAMPP. If you are on a Mac OS, choose MAMP. You can also download MAMP for Windows.
  2. Install XAMPP or MAMPP just like you do for any other application. In the course of the installation, note the location/ drive you’re installing to. I normally don’t select the local drive because I don’t want to lose my server data when I format the local drive in case there’s an error on my PC. You also need the install location to control files on your local sites.

These softwares have Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PEARL bundled into them so you don’t need to install these components individually.

Apache is required to set up your local host. Databases for your WordPress sites are also created with MySQl. WordPress requires PHP as well to run.

Starting the Local Server Installation Control Panel

After successful installation of XAMPP or MAMP, search for “XAMPP control panel” or “MAMP control panel” among your apps and start the app.xampp control panel for wordpress

Click on “Start” near “Apache” and “Start” near “MySQL“.

Wait for both to start and and turn green like the one you see in the picture. This shows that they started successfully. If not, you’ll need to deactivate some apps that may be using port 80. A typical app is Skype and restart the Apache. If it still doesn’t work, visit the following link to diagnose XAMPP Installation Errors or contact us to help you out.


After successful local server installation of XAMPP or MAMP for WordPress, the next thing is to Installing WordPress. See you on the other side.

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