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HTML Introduction

Thank you, and welcome to the HTML Introduction lesson. My name is Saviour Sanders, and I am glad to be the one to take you through this course. I promise to make this very interesting and practical to help you understand better. Welcome once again.

References: – Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML – Web developer guides | MDN

Now, let’s begin. With HTML, you can create your own website so you should be aiming at creating one for yourself after going through this tutorial. Though you have WordPress and other CMSs that you can use to create your own website without coding/html knowledge, you need to know HTML in order to do certain simple things on your site when the need be.

HTML is a markup language that stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. The word markup stands for a set of markup tags which I will explain further. It is not regarded as one of the programming languages like JavaScript, Java, or C++, etcAs I said earlier, HTML uses mainly markup tags.

This is how it is written: Let’s take for instance this code;

<h1>My First HTML Code</h1>

You begin writing HTML codes with a less than sign < , the tag name, and a greater than sign >, for example, <html>, <p>, or <h1>. In our example above, the starting tag is <h1>.

This is the first pair known as the opening tag.

After which comes, what is called the element content or let me say the text that you want to display on your site. Please note that I will explain this further as we go along. In our example above, the element content is the text after the h1 tag which is My First HTML Code.

Then comes a second pair which also follows the same format but this time round with a backward slash, / after the less than sign and before the tag name, for example, </html>, </p>, or </h1>.In our example above, the closing tag is </h1>.

This is known as the closing tag. Let’s look at a demonstration in the code below:

<title>HTML Introduction</title>
<h1>My First HTML Code</h1>
<p>This HTML thing is very interesting. Watch me out, Mark Zuckerberg!</p>
A quick look at our code contents in lines 3 and 6 would look like this:
Opening Tag Content Element Closing Tag
 <title> HTML Introduction  </title>
 <h1> My First HTML Code  </h1>

This brings us to this lesson (HTML Introduction) of our HTML course. Hope you enjoyed it. See you in the next lesson.

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