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HTML Elements

Welcome to the third unit of the HTML course titled HTML Elements. In our previous unit of this course series, We learnt the very basics of HTML.

In our first unit I explained how to write html tags where I stated that we begin with the opening tag, the element content, and finally the closing tag.

HTML Elements

These are everything from the opening tag or start tag to the closing tag. For instance, in this code:

<title>HTML Introduction</title>
<h1>My First HTML Code</h1>

The HTML Elements are as follows:

HTML Element Opening Tag Content Element Closing Tag
<title>HTML Introduction</title>
 <title> HTML Introduction  </title>
<h1>My First HTML Code</h1>
 <h1> My First HTML Code  </h1>

Some Quick Tips

  • The <html></html> element defines the whole html document.
  • The html element contains nested elements: In our example above, it contains three nested elements (title and h1)
  • the <head> element defines the head of html documents where you have your title and other important elements which do not show in web browser for the reader, though the <title> element shows on top of your browser above your website address.
  • All html tags must be written in small letters.
  • Some html elements have empty content, example is <br/> which defines a line break.

OK! So this brings us to the end of HTML Elements. See you in the next lesson.

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